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926 1928

Chapter 7: Toka

Toka, 1928

Some months before, Meher Baba had remarked that change would take place, but at the time no one understood what he meant. When Aga Ali was taken away by his father, Baba had commented in reference to the ashram, "This will have to be done all over again." Because of these hints, the mandali came to believe that a great change was about to occur, but no one could foresee that the entire Meherabad community would be shifted to a completely different location.

On Monday, 7 May 1928, several people came to see Baba and among them was Ramjoo's brother-in-law Abdulla Jaffer. During his conversation with Baba, Jaffer mentioned that there was a very good place in Poona which would be quite suitable and comfortable for Meher Ashram. It was then summer and extremely hot in Meherabad. The desert-like climate was a source of constant discomfort. Baba replied, "Yes, I too am thinking of changing the site of the ashram."

This brief remark, stated so seriously, astounded the mandali, because to move an institution of 400 people from one place to another was not an easy task. But in the play of Wine, outward considerations have no importance. And the Saki can shift his tavern wherever and whenever he must.

Early the next morning at 4:30, Baba left Meherabad for Poona at 4:30, taking Chhota Baba and a few of the mandali with him. Chhota Baba was kept quite aloof from the rest of the boys during this period, staying night and day in Baba's crypt. He had not stepped out of Meherabad for months.

The mandali who remained behind again witnessed a rare and remarkable event when Babajan unexpectedly arrived for the second time at Meherabad, on the very day that Meher Baba went to Poona. The ancient woman met the mandali and boys, kissing each boy and embracing the residents. After a brief visit she left.

On his way to Poona, Baba's car had actually passed Babajan's, and it passed hers again on his return to Meherabad. Twice both cars, carrying the Masters, passed each other in opposite directions on the road, but neither stopped.

While in Poona, Baba saw but did not approve of Jaffer's recommended location. After returning to Meherabad, he revealed that shifting Meher Ashram was unavoidable. Then in reference to Babajan, he remarked, "It has now become imperative after the Old Man's second visit here." 

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