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Over the years, many times Baba referred to Mehera as "the purest soul in the universe" and the one who loved him most. As Baba said, Mehera's unique position in his circle, is the same as Sita's was to Lord Ram, as Radha's was to Krishna, or as Mary Magdalene's was to Jesus.

All four sides of the Post Office were walled off by bamboo screens, making an improvised compound so the women could live in strict privacy. Not one of them was allowed to step out of this boundary, and no other men except Baba and Gustadji could enter the premises.

During this period at Meherabad, Baba would for some days remain aloof from the public, fasting in seclusion. He would fast on either water or weak milkless tea. Meanwhile, the number of Arangaon children increased day by day, and a one-room school was started. Arrangements to provide a boarding house for students were also in progress at Meherabad.

At this time, Dowla Masi had to leave for Poona because Baba's elder brother, Jamshed, had fallen seriously ill. Dowla Masi had been overseeing the cooking, and Baba informed the other women: "If you are willing to cook for over 100 people every day then remain here; otherwise you should go away." Except for Naja and Daulatmai, none of them knew how to cook. Mehera and Small Khorshed urged Naja to stay and offered to help her. Naja agreed to take over Dowla Masi's responsibility, which pleased Baba.

Only a few children from Arangaon were residing at Meherabad, but the number of men mandali living there had grown. The food would be cooked in enormous pots to handle the number of people. Baba forbade the waste of food; and if he found that there was any left over, Naja would be blamed.

During this period, a Maratha woman in her late twenties, named Walu Bhau Pawar, 25, was intensely drawn to the Master.  Soon after meeting Meher Baba, she surrendered to his spiritual guidance, dedicating all her possessions and property to him. Walu resided in Arangaon, but she was allowed to come daily and be with the women mandali at the Post Office quarters. She was assigned the duty of baking bhakri and would also assist Mehera in attending to Baba's personal needs.

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