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Baba emphasized, "Love is the cementing force that keeps the world going and gives meaning to our life. Without love, everything of the world is nothing but trash!"

Lata sang a ghazal Adi had given her, and as she did, Baba gently nodded his head and beat out the rhythm with his hand. Explaining its meaning he stated: "The ghazal conveys that one should not feel satisfied basking in the rays of the Sun but should become the Sun itself. It is not easy to become the Sun! It requires daring, and only one in a billion can achieve the impossible through total effacement of his self and surrender to the Perfect Master. The obligation of love is total surrender to the Perfect Master."

Navle was near the dais, and Baba asked him if his family were present. On Navle's replying affirmatively, Baba commented, "Everything is illusion and there is no substance in it." He then informed Navle about the East-West Gathering and joked, "You will not be admitted unless you have the token of my love!"

Sarosh spoke a few words, thanking Baba for attending the opening ceremony. Dhake stood and spoke in his usual lively Marathi, rambling about the cause and purpose of creation and declaring Baba to be God in human form, who comes time and time again to redeem humanity by making it aware of its True Self.

Dhake's verbosity was checked by Baba, who remarked to the audience: "Whatever he has said is not easy even for me to follow! Although the mind can grasp it to some extent, the irony is that when the mind is gone [annihilated] then only can one experience what Dhake means! It is not only that one then knows It, one becomes It!"

Baba further stated: "I am not what you see. I am the Infinite Ocean of Love which is infinitely vast. It is the play of your mind which makes you see me as I appear, and it will be the play of the same mind that, when I leave this place, will make you forget that Baba was here. Even so, your love has pleased me ever so much, and I give you all my blessings."

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