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4388WESTERN SAHAVAS, 19581958

Within the head as such, the hairs, though innumerable, have no value because even when all the hair falls off, the head, though bald, remains. Whatever value attached to the hair is but decorative. The hair may help to make the head appear attractive and may create a feeling of self-satisfaction. But hairs as such have no value when compared with the head on which they appear and disappear.

One individual mind that generates innumerable thoughts may be compared with the head that has a growth of hair, also innumerable. One individual mind is capable of containing, emanating and absorbing any number of thoughts. Energy and all matter are the outcome of mind itself.

To understand the all-importance of God, Who is Infinite Reality, let this all-importance be compared with the importance of the mind, and the importance of creation be compared with the hair upon the head.

I tell you that God is infinitely all-important when compared with the cosmos, which has no value other than that of the hair upon one's head — the hair that lures one and creates illusory self-satisfaction.

Then a second discourse on "Real Birth and Real Death" was read:

There is one real birth and one real death. You are born once, and you really die only once.

What is real birth? It is the birth of a "drop" in the Ocean of Reality. What is meant by it? It is the advent of individuality, born of indivisibility through a glimmer of the first most-finite consciousness, which transfixed cognizance of limitation into the Unlimited.

What is meant by real death? It is consciousness getting free of all limitations. Freedom from all limitations is real death. It is really the death of all limitations. In between the real birth and the real death, there is no such reality as the so-called births and deaths.

What really happens in the intermediate stage known as births and deaths is that the limitations of consciousness gradually wear off until consciousness is free of all limitations. Ultimately, consciousness totally free of all limitations experiences the Unlimited Reality eternally. Real dying is equal to real living. Therefore I stress: Die for God and you will live as God.

Baba further commented:

You are first a child, then grow old and drop the body, but you never die and were never born. In the East, Vedantists believe in reincarnation, in numberless births and deaths until one attains God.

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