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40021956 TRIP TO THE WEST1956

Because it was late, the individual interviews were speeded up to half-a-minute each. Although Baba saw nearly 200 people, he gave each his full attention.

One person asked if it was possible to recall past incarnations under hypnosis. Baba replied, "In rare cases it is possible, but very dangerous."

Loretta Weller had heard of Baba from the Rudds, and when the opportunity presented itself to meet Baba in New York City in 1952, she decided to go. She told a friend in New Jersey named Ann Forbes, but when Ann heard that Baba had had an accident, she declined to accompany Loretta, thinking that Meher Baba could not be a Spiritual Master if he couldn't avoid having an automobile accident.

Loretta met Baba and then called Ann and said, "Ann, I know Meher Baba is God! Baba is the Christ!"

"How do you know that?" Ann asked, intrigued.

"Because I felt excruciating pain in my hands and feet [like the Crucifixion], and I fell down on my knees before him!"

Ann recalled, "When Loretta said that, it was like a wave coming over me. I had missed the opportunity of a lifetime!"

Loretta gave Ann a book about Baba and Ann began reading everything available on Baba and attending meetings in the area. She also kept silence on Silence Day in 1953 and had an experience of seeing Baba in her room.

Ann Forbes described her first meeting with Baba at the Delmonico Hotel on 22 July 1956:

As I beheld Baba sitting there in a white coat and a white sadra, the thought came to me, "This august Being, he is the essence of purity!" And like Loretta, I fell on my knees before him, automatically, without thinking of the fine apology I had prepared of why I hadn't come to see him in 1952. It was all forgotten. Someone had told me, "You will never know what you will do when you meet Baba; whatever you think you will do, you will react differently."

There I was. Baba gently pulled me up by my left hand, and embraced me so heartily. When he held me so tightly in his arms, I could feel his love and I asked myself, "Is it possible? Me in the arms of God?" Baba must have read my thoughts, because he immediately dropped his arms, put his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye. We gazed at each other for what felt like a long, long time. I tried not to blink for as long as I could, but when I did, Baba dropped his hands.

[Later], when I came out on to the sidewalk, New York was the same, but I felt as tall as the buildings and as light as a feather. It was a beautiful feeling. I believe Baba had given me a little touch of divine love. It lasted about three days. 

John Bass mentioned that Ann was interested in making God Speaks more widely available, even though she confessed she did not understand much of the book. Baba told her, "Read it five times and you will know it for all eternity."

After lunch, Baba called the approximately 100 people present inside for a group sahavas. Don Stevens read Baba's messages "The Real Gift" and "Eternal Now" (printed in Life At Its Best). Baba then called different small groups up to his room "by sevens." He went upstairs, and while the others waited in the corridor outside his room, seven people at a time from the Monday Night group, the Schenectady group, various individuals of Sufism Reoriented, Margaret Craske's ballet dancers, and a group from Arizona went in to see him.

Baba motioned for the five members of the Shaw family to sit on the carpet before him. He spoke with them a bit, and it seemed to Darwin that Baba was "opening up" and more of his love was flowing out — and he was opening their heart centers to receive it! Darwin recalled: "I was aware of being enveloped in Light. It was as if we were loving him as we had hoped to love him in our wildest moments of wishful thinking. We just sat there adoring him."

Baba told them as he lovingly stroked their cheeks:

I am very, very happy when I am with my lovers. I feel very happy. When do the people of the world feel happy? When they have an appetite and enjoy a good dinner. After they have enjoyed it, they feel a sort of satisfaction and happiness. It is a pleasure to eat when hungry. What is my appetite? My appetite is satisfied only when I meet my dear lovers; when I see your love, I am satisfied. That is my food. I am very happy with your love.

During Baba's stay at the Hotel Delmonico, Darwin also brought his brother Darrell Shaw and his family for an interview with Baba.

To a few from the Monday Night group, Baba stated:

All this world is nothing, an illusion. I am in everything. I tell you with my authority, I am in everything. Love me in that way and then, when you drop your bodies, you will be with me eternally.

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