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After this, there are two other stages, and then the last conviction of Becoming, "I am God," et cetera. Eruch has not to think that he is Eruch. In the same way, with this Knowledge, the person concerned has never to think that he is God. This conviction through Becoming very, very few attain.

Why I started on the explanation of Dnyan was from that incident in England of standing before the camera in the severe cold. We should not pretend to be what we are not. God knows everything, and everything means infinitely everything. Everything includes everything God knows. All this has been described in God Speaks. I know of only one sin, and that is of posing to be what we are not. There is a solution even for avoiding such a situation. Remember one thing, that only God exists and God knows everything. He is everything, present everywhere and knows everything. By remembering this always, you will not try to pretend to be what you are not.

There is another sin. Keki [Nalavala] will say God is everything and everywhere. Then God must be in him, too. God Himself is the one who poses! That is true. But, in the words of Hafiz, in such a situation "Keep silent. Don't utter God's name." There is nothing like sin. God is everywhere acting infinite parts. But Hafiz says in a situation such as Keki's, be quiet and say I have committed the sin. It is my fault.

Then there is the second stage of Dnyan after mental knowledge. This second stage of knowledge makes you know that God has done everything; still, Truth makes you say, "Yes, I have committed the fault." Very few come to this stage.

When one becomes That, it is everything. With it, he comes back and declares, "I know Myself!" and he says, "I am God." There is no posing in the Sadguru state. "I and my Father are one ... Come unto me ... Follow me, leave everything" — is not pretense. He is That! We all are one. God is one infinite ocean. We should pay respect to that unity of God.

Even to cut ourselves to pieces to become God will not carry us far. Beloved God is so infinitely beautiful, so glorious, that to sacrifice our body for Him is nothing. Whatever I say, I say with authority. God is so precious that to Him the cutting of the body to pieces is no offering!

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