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These are instances of your going against your own mind, and in this way you will gradually learn to control it.

Look at the famous Indian leaders like Gandhi and the Ali brothers.  Out of a sense of patriotism and for the sake of the nation, they have left all comforts of life, undergoing imprisonment for long periods of time. For the sake of the country and the welfare of the world — which is all a mere dream — these leaders are suffering so much. So imagine how much more you should do for God — the very source of all that is! This term of so-called imprisonment with me is only for ten months, wherein you are required to go against the dictates of your mind. It is the least you can do to reach the highest. Hafiz has said it well:

"You must leave the abode of your nature, temperament and thoughts,

Unless you do so, you cannot reach the lane of Truth!"

People have left the world and passed through agony in search of God. But here you should thank your lucky stars that you are to realize Him so very easily. In spite of living in the world, by staying with me people think you have renounced it.

This whole universe, with all its vastness, grandeur and beauty, is nothing but sheer imagination. In spite of so many discoveries, [and so much] research and scientific knowledge, the creation remains a great unsolved riddle. With all the latest inventions, like electricity and harnessing steam, humanity at large is quite helpless against nature and its so-called freaks. The greatest warriors, scientists, doctors and astrologers without exception have to bow to nature's common law — death. In the world, everyone is helpless, ignorant and out for himself. The bondage and ties of worldly relationships are only a pretense. Swami Vivekananda aptly compares this with the Truth when he says: "They know no truth who dream such empty vacant dreams as father, mother, child, wife and friend."

God is for all, and for that the Avatar or Sadguru manifests. Barring these persons, there is no one in the world who possesses real love. Just see how anxious Maharaj is for me, always sending messages inviting me to go to Sakori so that he can share in my terrible spiritual sufferings.

The subject of discussion then turned to religions and Baba continued:

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