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30471952 TRIP TO THE WEST1952

"Most persons suffer because of their karma. A few suffer for others. Masters suffer for the whole universe."

Baba ended by spelling out, "God is not to be learned or studied or discussed or argued about. He is to be contemplated, felt, loved and lived."

When Jean Adriel had left California to visit Baba in India in 1948, care of the Ojai, California center, called Meher Mount, had fallen to Agnes Baron, 45. Margaret Craske visited Agnes during the summers and told her more about Baba. In the six years that Agnes had been living at Meher Mount, she had faced one difficulty after another in managing and holding on to the estate. Before Jean had departed, she had formed a new board, introducing a man onto it who offered to pay off the mortgage. Later Agnes discovered that he had plans to build a hotel there and turn it into a psychic center.

Agnes fought hard to keep the property for Baba, and wrote to Baba describing the troublesome situation, stating, "If you want Meher Mount, I will keep it for you through hellfire and damnation!" Baba replied that she should keep it by all means, and he sent her his love.

Meanwhile, a young wealthy Britisher named John Cooke intervened. He had met Baba years before in Europe and loved him. With his help, Agnes was able to overcome the horrible financial problems she faced and win control of the property from the unscrupulous developer. 

Baba had agreed to visit Meher Mount after staying at Myrtle Beach. He wished to meet with Agni (his Sanskrit nickname for Agnes, meaning fire) to discuss plans for his visit. Margaret had informed Agnes of Baba's arrival date in America. When Baba arrived, he instructed Margaret to cable Agnes to meet him in Myrtle Beach on 26 April. Meanwhile, Agnes had already left home and missed the telegram, but by a strange set of circumstances she found herself much delayed. She thought she would be arriving late in Myrtle Beach, on the 25th. Once there, no one seemed to know anything about a Meher Baba Center. It was only by sheer chance that at the place where she was arranging to spend the night the woman on duty said her husband was Mrs. Patterson's architect. Agnes got the telephone number for the Center and called. Elizabeth answered and told Agnes she would pick her up the following morning.

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