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All these experiences must transpire as long as the Soul — though it is One in reality and undivided — imagines separateness in itself. When Soul is bereft of the impressions of these illusionary experiences, it becomes naked as in its origin, to become now fully conscious of its unity with the Oversoul which is One, Indivisible, Real and Infinite.

The Soul becomes free of the binding of impressions through various paths. And Love is the most important of these paths, leading to the Realization of God. Through this love, the Soul becomes entirely absorbed in God, ultimately forgetting itself completely. It is then that, all of a sudden, Knowledge comes as swiftly as the lightning bolt which burns to ashes all that it falls upon. This Knowledge uproots illusions, doubts and worries, and apparent sufferings are instantaneously replaced by everlasting peace and eternal bliss, which is the Goal of all existence. The Soul now, free from its illusions, realizes its original Unity of Being.

Let us not hope, because this Knowledge is beyond hoping and wanting. Let us not reason, because this Knowledge cannot be comprehended or thought of. Let us not doubt, because this Knowledge is the certainty of certainties. Let us not live the life of the senses, because the lusty, greedy, false and impure mind cannot reach this Knowledge. Let us love God as the Soul of our souls, and in the height of this Love lies this Knowledge.

The divinely Perfect Ones can bestow this Knowledge on anyone they like, and whenever they like. May we all gain this Knowledge soon!

Baba, with his own hands, distributed a copy of the Sermon to each of those present. He asked everyone to read its contents very carefully, and if anyone could not understand it, to return the copy to him, forthwith. All retained their copies. 

Baba saluted all his Old Life disciples and devotees, and accepted monetary contributions toward his mast and poor work. The contributions totaled Rs.23,566.75.

When Baba was being offered contributions, the stout communist leader Parmeshwari Nigam handed Baba all the money he had and a piece of paper, on which he had written, "This body, mind, wealth and everything I own, I give in the hands of Baba for his work with the poor." Then he stripped off his clothing, and standing only in his loincloth, offered these as well! He stretched out on the ground in front of his Lord and began sobbing.

Age related: "This man, who had once vehemently opposed Baba, was now transformed! Who can understand what had happened in his heart?

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