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2927 1950

Chapter 21: Manonash

Mahabaleshwar, October 1950

On Wednesday, 14 June 1950, having accomplished significant work in Manjri Mafi, Baba with the four women left Dehra Dun for Kalyan, along with Eruch, Baidul, Vishnu and Gustadji. At the train station, Elcha and the Nalavala, Burjor and Kumar families were present to bid them farewell. Kumar had never in his life wept at anyone's departure, but now he shed tears profusely. Baba and his companions boarded the train and left those in Dehra Dun with their tears. Such tears are not easily wept; they are the result of austerities and penance done for ages. They act as a cleansing agent to wipe out the deep-seated impressions of the mind.

Arriving in Kalyan on the 16th, Baba went by public bus to Satara, and the companions arrived two days later from Delhi. As stated, Baba and the women occupied Mutha's Bungalow, and the companions the Kalyani Barracks. Before they had even unpacked their bags, a disturbance took place. When they saw the men, the neighbors of the colony voiced their reservations about them as they thought them a strange-looking crew. They complained to the landlord that they did not want "military-type soldiers" living near their families. The owner duly informed the men. Eruch explained everything to the owner, who accepted what he said. But, after talking it over among themselves, the men felt it would be better to move elsewhere, even though they were tired from their long journey. Obtaining Baba's permission, and after spending four hours looking for another residence, Eruch was able to rent 76 Bhurke's Bungalow, in the cantonment, and in the middle of the night at 2:00 A.M. the men moved there. 

Aloba, who was suffering ill health, asked Baba to transfer him from Plan One-B to an independent life. Baba consented, and after a day or so, Aloba left Satara for Bombay.

In Baba's absence, Nariman had kept a young man named Madho as caretaker at Meherazad. Meheru Damania (Eruch's sister), visited the property each week from Khushru Quarters to keep it clean. On 23 June 1950, Adi Sr. received this message from Baba (brought by Eruch), which he was to issue as a circular to a few selected individuals:

From the 16th of October 1949, until now, the New Life developments have been many; but the New Life has not been led by me and by those with me as I wanted, although conditions were tried 100 percent to be followed.

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