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2873 1950

Chapter 20: Manjri Mafi

Dehra Dun, 1950

Kaikobad had been staying on the Manjri Mafi property purchased for Baba since November 1949. But the well, and the huts for the companions, and an extension to the existing structure for the women, were still not completed. On Sunday, 15 January 1950, Baba visited the property with Adi, Eruch, Keki Nalavala and Keki Desai. On the way, he stopped at Kumar's house to see Kumar's mother, wife and sister and then met Kaikobad. He went also to the house of Jamnadas, the Mahant (head of a religious sect), in Manjri Mafi Village, where Baba and the companions were to stay until the Manjri Mafi property was ready. On the way back to Mrs. Pratt's, Baba visited the homes of Keki Nalavala and Burjor Chacha.

That same day, Baba disclosed three new plans to the companions:

During these three months, you have seen my New Life reet [way], and all of you have shown how fit you are to be in the New Life. So, I and you all, keeping in sight these three months, should now decide about the three plans that I am going to place before you. You should all honestly and wholeheartedly consider these three plans in their entirety. They are of my own making, of my own free will and accord, and you must accept one of them as being my wish and order. By accepting one of these plans collectively or individually, you will still remain 100 percent my companions in the New Life.

These three plans make me free to live the New Life in my own way, and yet keep you all 100 percent in the New Life. By accepting one of the three plans, you will make me happy and free, and yet be my companions in the New Life ...

The three plans are based on the labor phase. The other three phases of begging, gypsy and langoti life will be personally carried out by me alone or with the companions staying with me as the New Life companions.

Therefore, the companions, by accepting one of these plans — particularly point "A" in the first plan — will be said to have gone through all four phases of the New Life; and as they will do the labor phase for me, I will be said to have gone through the labor phase also.

If the first plan is adopted, you can all either stay near me, or away from me, without my interfering with your phase or letting you interfere with my phases. I will take 100 percent interest, and guide and help you, without in any way being bound.

In these three plans, the two points of "responsibility before God" and "no spiritual benefit" stand good forever.

Baba proceeded to outline the details of the three plans. In Plan One, the men companions were to live together, earn their living and subsist on their earnings.

According to Plan Two, they could leave and lead the New Life at their homes with freedom to get jobs or enter business.

In Plan Three, the companions could choose to follow all the original conditions Baba had laid down. Baba ended by saying that copies of the plans would be given to all within a week, at which time further discussions would be held.

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