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2579 1947

Chapter 18: Final Mast Work: Prelude To Thunder

Diwan Bahadur Motilal Mutha's bungalow in Satara had been rented for Baba and the women mandali. Bhurke's Bungalow was acquired for the men; Rosewood bungalow for the masts; and Rajguru Bungalow for Don and Ghani. Baba arrived in Satara on Sunday, 25 May 1947.

Don began writing his book The Wayfarers in Satara, after collecting much information, and Dr. Ghani was engaged in elaborating points given by Baba to appear in another publication. 

Among the women with Baba at this time were: Mehera, Mani, Meheru, Naja, Rano, Kitty, Katie, Khorshed, Soonamasi and Indu Haldankar. Among the men mandali were: Baidul, Don, Eruch, Ghani, Gustadji, Kaka, Nilu, Vishnu and Krishna Nair, who rejoined Baba in Satara. The rest of the mandali were staying at Meherabad. Baba would sometimes call Padri, Pendu and Adi Sr. to Satara for work, as well as others.

Baba had sent instructions to several disciples to bring masts from various parts of India; however, as in the case of the Mahabaleshwar ashram, not one could be found and brought in time. Therefore, on 27 May, Sidhu and Kalemama were told to bring Ali Shah to Satara, and they arrived the next day driven by Sarosh.

Kaka Baria arrived on 1 June, as did Adi Sr. and Gulmai, who was to stay with the women in Satara for some weeks. Baba had been waiting for Adi since ten that morning. Baba told Sidhu that the instant they arrived he should immediately send Adi to him. They came at 2:00 P.M., and, as soon as Sidhu saw Adi, he delivered Baba's message. But Adi was hungry and, instead of going to Baba, he sat down to have lunch. At that moment, Baba appeared and blamed Sidhu.

Sidhu insisted he had given Adi the message, so Baba retorted, "Why didn't you catch the pig and bring him to me?"

While Baba was reprimanding Sidhu, Adi calmly continued his meal. Turning to him, Baba asked, "Why are you eating like a pig?" Without replying, Adi went on eating. Baba ordered, "Throw your plate away." Adi did it. "Smash it." This too Adi did.

Baba then asked, "Why did you break the plate?"

"You told me to," Adi snapped.

"When you're obeying me now, why didn't you obey in the beginning and come to me at once?"

"Forgive me, I was so hungry," Adi said. "I was starving!" Baba broke into a smile and gestured to Adi to finish his meal.

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