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Now, to make this point clear, we go back again to the first state when the soul had its eyes closed. After the first opening, though it is a very slight opening at the stone state, the eye gets gradually drawn upward to the second touch and opening. The first six touches shown in the chart are soft, but the seventh is strong.

Baba demonstrated this by lightly tapping his leg six times and, at the seventh, instead of a soft tap, he gave himself a pinch, giving a clear picture of the difference between the six soft touches and the seventh hard pinch.

Thus, at every twist, with a hard pinch, the eyes open wider and wider, and the soul is aroused to know itself more and more. Through these seven twists, and through 84 lakhs of changes through species and forms during evolution, and again through seven twists and 84 lakhs of rounds of births and deaths during reincarnation, the "shakings" that the soul gets during all these twists and changes gets loosened.

Ninety-nine percent of the pundits have blundered in taking both evolution and reincarnation changes and rounds of births and deaths as 84 lakhs. In their ignorance, they said that these 84 lakhs of changes are only up to the human, and after the human form, the body reincarnates only four to five times, and then frees itself from this chain of deaths and births in mukti [liberation].

Coming to the twists again — when you take these twists, every time you have to give a shake. There are 84 lakhs during the process of evolution with seven twists. The number is absolutely fixed — seven twists and 84 lakhs of shakes. After evolution is finished, and the soul incarnates in human form, the same number is there of seven reverse twists and 84 lakhs of shakes of deaths and births.

Baba stopped for a moment, humorously remarking, "If I don't describe it so clearly and at length, then you would start 'shaking' your fists in the air!"

From the gross to God state, there are seven stages of winding and seven stages of unwinding. Up to the stone form, there is no winding nor twist. Neither are there species up to the stone form. Thereafter, 14 lakhs of species in each of the six forms up to human evolution, equals 84 lakhs of species. These seven twists, where each form changes to another higher one, are for making the seven main species thicker and thicker.

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