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Lord Meher

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The women who accompanied Baba were: Mehera, Mani, Naja, Khorshed, Soonamasi, Katie, Mansari, Soltoon, Dowla, Walu, Kakubai, Kharmen Masi, Elizabeth, Irene, Kitty, Margaret, Nadine, Norina, Rano, Nergiz, Banubai, Gulmai's daughters Dolly and Piroja, and several women servants.

The men with Baba were: Baidul, Kaka, Vishnu, Chanji, Nilu, Don, Krishna and Venkoba Rao. Gustadji and Savak were already in Ranchi fasting.

The group reached Manmad at 7:30 P.M., where they had to change trains. Being monsoon season, rain was falling heavily that night; it was a troublesome task to carry all the bulky baggage to the other train. Pendu had accompanied the group up to Manmad, and helped them load the luggage into a crowded compartment before returning to Meherabad.

In the train going to Ranchi, Baba commented: "Each time I move from some place, something happens. When we left Bangalore, France got in a fix; and now that we have left Meherabad, Britain will be cornered."

They reached Chakradharpur on 5 July, at 2:45 A.M., and proceeded to Ranchi in three buses, reaching there at 8:00 A.M. When they stepped down from the bus, Chatti Baba started walking away. Strenuous efforts were made to coax him back to Golkothi, their residence, but they were in vain. After efforts to persuade him for hours, he got up but began strolling toward the women's side of the bungalow. With much difficulty he was stopped. But instead of going to his room, he went to the mandali's quarters. Baba then moved the men to different quarters. The next day, Kaka divided the room with a bamboo screen so that Baba could work with Chatti Baba in seclusion. But the mast was restless and would not stay in this room, either.

The next evening, Don was sent for and Chatti Baba readily let Don lead him by the hand to his room, where Baba sat with him. ("You have some deep connection with him," Baba informed Don.) At times, Baba worked with Chatti Baba several times a day, and sometimes during the night, also.

As soon as they settled in at Golkothi, all had a bath. But the next day, they found that the well in their compound was completely dry. It turned out that the water in it was only rain water. There was no underground source, and they had exhausted its meager supply in just one day. There were about 40 people with Baba, and an adequate water supply became a problem. They managed to arrange for cooking and drinking water from a neighboring well.

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