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On one occasion, Baba told Kharmen Masi, "You are Buddha's masi [aunt]." He informed Gaimai, "When I come back after 700 years, you will be my mother, and Kharmen Masi my father."

Hearing this, Memo advised Gaimai, "Never be the Avatar's mother! It is a miserable existence! Have you not seen my plight — how outsiders insult me and do not let me live in peace!"

Memo's sister-in-law (Sheriarji's sister) Piroja Mami (paternal aunt) once came to Bangalore to see her favorite nephew. After dinner, she went to Baba's bathroom to wash her hands. It was evening and Chhagan was on nightwatch. He stopped her before she could enter, and Piroja indignantly said, "I am Baba's mami. Who are you to stop me?"

"No one is allowed here," Chhagan informed her. "Baba is resting. Please go back."

Chagrined, Piroja Mami left. Baba called Chhagan and asked what all the commotion was about. When he was told, he called Piroja Mami back. Then winking at Chhagan, Baba began scolding him in front of her, "You pig! Why didn't you allow my mami to wash her hands?! Touch her feet and beg her forgiveness. Never, never treat her like that again! She is the Avatar's mami!"

Chhagan did as instructed, and Piroja Mami was, of course, satisfied. Baba then told her, "Mami, please take care not to come here at night. A ghost is haunting me, and that is why Chhagan tried to stop you from coming to this side. It is dangerous for you to come here at night."

"Oh, is that so?" she declared. "I didn't know. I will never come here again."

After she went out, Baba and Chhagan had a good laugh, and Baba remarked, "Mami is very innocent."

On the morning of 27 December 1939, a discussion about sin and sinners came up among the group. Baba commented: "From my point of view, no one is so bad as not to improve and become good. Everyone, however depraved, can improve and become better, until he becomes a paragon of virtue for mankind! There is always hope for everyone."

Sarosh returned to Bangalore on the 28th with his wife Viloo, their infant son Merwan, and Rustom and Freiny's daughters, Meheru and Naggu.

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