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Staying for only two days, Baba visited a few close lovers, including Alamai Katrak, Meherbai Merchant, Rupamai and Hormusji, Kaikobad, the Kotwals, Kharmen Masi, Dadu, Pleader, and Chanji's sister Mehera Joshi and her husband Rusi. In addition, he went to Parel and saw his sister-in-law Big Khorshed, and he also visited Padri's mother Freiny Masi, who had moved to Bombay from Poona.

Baba also visited a foreign couple named Wellington, whom Chanji had told about Baba. The couple was facing certain difficulties, but Baba assured them that their situation would improve after six months. Baba left Bombay at seven in the evening on 4 May, arriving in Nasik late that night.

Baba shifted his residence back to Meherabad with the men and women mandali on Thursday, 9 May 1935. On the 12th, Baba ordered Chanji to cable Norina to send Rustom back to India. To have some relief from the heat, Baba took the mandali to Happy Valley on the 15th for the day. Baba relaxed and discussed the current world political situation. A Polish leader named Józef Piłsudski had recently passed away, and Baba commented that he was a very sincere person.

At Meherabad, Baba held a meeting to discuss his seclusion. Baba wished to go some place for the purpose of seclusion work but kept the location a secret from everybody. He gave detailed instructions to Pendu and Padri on 17 May about the management of Meherabad in his absence. On the 19th, he told all, "I have now decided to remain in India for seven months. I will go to Nasik on 23 May and remain there for ten days; then I will be in Bombay for about three days. My movements will thereafter be kept secret.

"You have spent so many years with me in leading a hard life in every way, enduring all sorts of trials. So for a year more, help me and my work. Perhaps, I might break my silence. But whatever happens, all of you men remain here, carefully doing your duty as assigned."

Baba then discussed travel arrangements separately with Gustadji and Raosaheb, and disclosed that they were to accompany him on his journey. Baba asked Chanji to inquire about other suitable places for seclusion in Pondicherry, Goa, the Nilgiris Hills, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Ajmer, and Udaipur while taking care that no one discover his destination. Chhagan was also issued instructions.

Despite Chanji's sincere and tireless inquiries made in strict secrecy, he wrote, "Baba would always ask for and want the very thing [information] that was not there, omitted either through oversight or intentionally being found unnecessary. This was his training and method of bringing out the weaknesses rooted within."

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