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Creation is made up of two things: space and energy. When you go back to that Creation Point, even space does not exist there. No space, no energy, no time. Beyond this point is the Infinite One in its real form. That is Baba. And I, from that Beyond State, look on this creation which has come out of the minutest point of me. That state of looking on is the Fourth Dimension."

On Monday, 16 October 1933, Baba went to the Kohinoor restaurant for lunch with a large group of 22 people.  In the afternoon Baba discussed his future plans with Kitty and a few other close ones. Baba preferred to return to India via Marseilles on the Viceroy of India, indicating, "For my work, it is necessary that I visit Spain." Kitty was instructed to begin making the changed arrangements, provided it went easily.

Baba went for an afternoon drive to Kim Tolhurst's house. Afterward, during a stroll about London, a serious incident occurred that involved Kim. Baba, Chanji, Kitty, Margaret, and Kim were walking along when Kim became very upset about something. Overcome by her mood, she ran away, leaving the rest to follow. She got into a cab and they hailed the next one. Kim's taxi drove straight to Piccadilly Circus and stopped at a Scottish teashop. Baba sent Kitty into fetch her, but Kim refused to come out. This was direct disobedience to Baba, deliberate and not careless. Kitty returned to the cab, and Baba decided that they should leave her. Baba spelled out on the board, "Kim will never again see me in this life." She never did.

Baba went to dinner that evening at Countess Pahlen's home (at 23 Jubilee Place, King's Road) in Chelsea and was accompanied by Herbert, Kitty, Vivienne, Quentin, Elizabeth, Norina, Stephanie, Chanji, Kaka and Adi Jr. The countess had invited about fifteen of her friends, who were mostly exiled Russian royalty.

The next day was quiet for Baba and spent intimately with his close ones. All sat quietly around him in the afternoon from two to five o'clock. Baba remarked that he was in a rare state of being "pulled from the highest to the lowest level," causing him to suffer terribly.

Baba again broached the subject of going to Spain, reiterating that it was important for him to go there: "If travel to Spain is easily arranged, I will go; but for one week only, not two, and return immediately to India via Marseilles."

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