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All have wondered if such publicity has ever been given to any spiritual Being in the past, or if any such Being has been as widely known to all classes of people of all nations.

Besides, Baba did not speak. But this was not a handicap. His silence was rather imposing, impressing and inspiring. When we explained to some, as usual, that Baba has not spoken for seven years, they would cry out, "But, he need not speak! Look at his eyes. They speak volumes! Look at his face, it expresses so much!"

Others could not believe when we said that he has lectured to thousands on his black [alphabet] board. "How marvelous," they would exclaim. "Wonderful ... Amazing ... Grand!" All these were common terms uttered by almost everyone. "Mystics and Masters have come from the East by droves, but none like him. They have come and gone, but you, Baba, have come to stay, remaining in our hearts forever. We can never forget you, especially your face. Its image is imprinted on our hearts."

These are some of the spontaneous expressions from the hearts who saw him and came to love him. "To see him is to love him if anyone has a heart," one person said. To many sincere seekers of Truth, he became a perfect friend and guide in their endeavors to attain the highest [state]. A few minutes of meditation as instructed by him, helped numerous ones in their efforts at advancement on the Path. They could feel the growth of their spiritual conception through Baba's help and were so grateful that they were willing to lay down their lives and follow him to the cross if need be.

After thirteen days at sea, the Kaiser-i-Hind arrived in Marseilles on Friday, 29 July 1932. Baba was met by Kitty Davy and her brother Herbert, who had come from China via Russia. They boarded a train for Santa Margherita, located along the Italian Riviera. The next day, much to Quentin Tod's surprise, Baba arrived earlier than scheduled. Between the towns of Santa Margherita and Paraggi, Quentin had rented a separate villa for Baba and the mandali named Fiorenza, which Baba liked very much.

Prior to Baba's arrival, Margaret Craske and Mabel Ryan, along with one of their pupils, Audrey Williams, had arrived on the 25th; Delia, Minta, Stephanie and Kim arrived on the 28th.

The atmosphere of Santa Margherita was beautiful during Baba's stay — warm sun, blue sea and splendid coastline scenery.

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