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Age noted, "It is beyond words to describe the Beloved's wine. Only the hearts of the imbibers know it. The birds drank and drank this wine, and their song became full of its sweetness. Many came this time to see Baba and had the opportunity to listen to the echo of his Song."

On Friday, 15 April 1932, Paramount Film Studio sent two cars to bring Baba and his group to Willesden to see the film that was taken of him dictating from the alphabet board and being read out by Purdom. Other companies expressed interest in filming Baba, but he did not agree to it. After watching the newsreel, Baba sent word to the manager that he was pleased with the results.

When they were about to leave, the manager approached Baba and said, "It would have been good if Mahatma Gandhi was here with you in the film, but Gandhi did not want himself filmed when he was in England. He is averse to all that is modern."

Baba replied to the man, "Modern or ancient, there is always one Infinite Existence prevailing everywhere — in the arts, in science, in beauty, in nature — in every phase of life."

Baba and the group then visited the London Zoo for half an hour, and the British Museum, also, but for just fifteen minutes. While in London, Baba also visited Kew Gardens (for a picnic lunch), rode on the London subways and went to plays or films in the evenings.

Lunch of Indian food was arranged that day at the Anglo-Ceylon Restaurant at 47 Gerrard St. Baba also visited the American Consulate on the 15th where a visa was issued for his trip to America.

Baba and the group stayed at Kim and Desmond Tolhurst's house (at 15 Compayne Gardens, Hampstead) in the evening. Baba was to stay overnight at the Tolhursts' house with Zilla, Kitty, Adi Jr. and another of the mandali. Since Kim did not know how to cook Indian food, she asked Krishna Veer, the proprietor of the Kohinoor restaurant, to supply food for Baba and the mandali, though she woke up at 5:00 A.M. to make special strong tea for Baba, which he enjoyed, along with a cheese that had traces of mustard.

England, 1932

Detailed plans had been arranged for Baba's stay at the Devonshire Retreat. Meredith came to see Baba on Saturday, 16 April 1932 at six o'clock in the morning, returning to Devonshire at 11. Adi Jr., Beheram, Chanji, Kaka, and Ghani were sent ahead to Devonshire that afternoon at three.

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