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The next day, to escape any questions, Kaka and Beheram closeted themselves in a room and looked out through the window to make sure everyone had left before they ventured out.

During Dick and Audrey Ince's private interview with Baba, the topic of celibacy came up.  Meredith had told the Inces that sex was only for the procreation of children, and they were never to have sexual intercourse, despite being married. They followed this advice for some time, but the marriage was breaking up because of it. When they told Baba, he refuted Meredith's claim and told them that when married, one should lead a normal married life.

Kim, on the other hand, was no longer in love with her husband (who wished her to discontinue her relationship with Baba) and found sex not what it should be. She told Baba who said, "You are already a saint." Years later, Kim explained what Baba's words meant to her:

As a little girl, I had always wanted to be a saint and hoped that I might one day be one. There was tremendous pride in me, and the answer that Baba gave broke that in a way. Baba had a very mysterious way in which he would feed what needed to be broken in you. If you went to him and said this, that or the other, he would say, "Right, go ahead and do it." And by doing the thing you most wanted to do or thinking the thing you most wanted to think, you would find that it was utterly mistaken, and you had to get way, way beyond it into something entirely different. I found out later how utterly right Baba was. I had to live through life — become a real woman.

Concerning people's attitude about Meher Baba at the time, Kim further explained:

Baba was utter purity. Other people didn't really understand the kind of love it was we had for him. I can remember my husband saying to me before we [Kimco] set off for Paris [the previous December], "Are you sure it's going to be all right?" I said, "Look, if Baba showed in any way that he was not what I thought he was, I would have been so heartbroken I think I would have killed myself." To me, he was utter purity. If there had been any sign of any indecency (which of course there never was), I would have died of grief.

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