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The Paramount Film Company had arranged to film him at the Victoria Station, but to elude them, Baba proceeded by car to London with Adi Sr., Chanji and Beheram, where he stayed at the Davys' house. Ghani, Kaka, and Ernest went by train.

During the drive, Baba told Quentin, "You have much work to do for me in the future."

Quentin immediately asked, "Really? How soon?"

Baba's reply reassured him, "Very soon."

Taking a break, they stopped at a teashop along the way. Quentin took the opportunity to explain to Baba that friction had arisen between Meredith Starr and others over Baba's staying in London rather than the East Challacombe retreat exclusively. Baba was definite. He would stay at "32" for seven days and at Kim Tolhurst's for two days before going to the Devonshire Retreat in East Challacombe on the 17th.

They reached London at seven that night and went straight to Russell Road. All the birds flew in. "Birds always flock where there is a beautiful and lovely park!" Age noted. "Music filled the air of this English garden as the birds gathered and began to sing the Beloved's Song."

Kitty, Zilla, Margaret Craske, Delia and Kim stayed at the house, while others like Delia's sister Minta, Margaret's business partner Mabel Ryan, Margaret Starr's brother Kenneth Ross, Charles Purdom, Tom Sharpley and Quentin were daily visitors.

Delia brought Stephanie and Hal Haggard with their little son John to meet Baba. Stephanie, a classmate of Kitty's and friend of Delia's, said she had seen Baba in a dream when she was fourteen. She and her husband left deeply impressed.

On the afternoon of Friday, 8 April 1932, Kitty, Margaret, Delia, Kim, Minta, Quentin and others staged skits for Baba in the downstairs hall. Margaret danced, and the others entertained Baba in various ways, doing their utmost to please him. Beheram played the sitar and Adi Sr. the harmonium.

Despite Baba's having avoided being filmed upon his arrival in London, the Paramount Film Company would not leave him alone, and eventually he acceded to their request for a filmed interview. A film of Baba was taken that evening from 5:00 to 6:00 P.M. in the garden of the Davys' home. Baba wore a white robe, which had been sewn by his American lovers at Harmon and given to him during his visit there the past November. During the filming, Baba gave a message while Purdom sat next to him and pretended to read his dictation from the alphabet board.  Purdom had to read it out three times.

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