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It can never blossom in the hearts of those swayed by the intellect's achievements.

For this reason, divine personalities when explaining about themselves rely more on impulse and inspiration than on intellect. While giving his contact to worthy souls, a Perfect Master creates impetus within them. Man's innermost being is the House of God, and when contact with a Divine Being [in person] is established, the heart echoes with his sweet Song. This echo is the gift of the Master. By creating the silent impulse within, he makes it resonate.

"What should I do?" the man asked.

"Meditate on the highest ideal. That is love," Baba urged him. "I will help you."

Christmas Humphreys was president of the Buddhist Society of London. He had found out about Baba through Kim. One day he and some others from his Buddhist group came to see Baba. During their meeting, Baba explained:

"[In Sufi terms,] religion has four aspects: shariat, tariqat, marefat and haqiqat. Man has to go beyond shariat — the external aspect. The Muslims consider it unlawful to go beyond shariat. Yet a Sadguru [Perfect Master] has such powers that if he wishes, he can make a person God-realized in a minute!"

Baba looked at one of the visitors who after listening to Baba's statement was deep in thought. Baba asked him what he was thinking. The man questioned, "How is it possible for a person to gain Realization within a minute?"

Baba elaborated, "Even within a second, all actions can be annihilated and the experience of God instantly given. Bondage to maya [illusion] is always there and karma [bondage] is due to actions. After the actions are destroyed, there is no bondage. Do you think you can obtain Realization in this birth?"

The man replied, "I cannot agree with your statement about karma. How could the effects of actions be done away with in one lifetime?"

"Why not?" Baba smilingly replied. "They can be destroyed by the grace of the Master. If that is not so, of what use is the guru? What is the value of grace if everyone has to await his turn and time?"

Baba then dictated the story of his youth, "I was studying in college and had no idea about spiritual truth or infinite consciousness. But [an ancient woman named] Babajan gifted that to me in one embrace! Before that, I could not fast for even one day. After her embrace, I remained on only water for eleven months and I was absolutely sleepless. But I did not think that I was fasting or not sleeping. It was all spontaneous and I had no thought of it."

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