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After ten days, Baba decided that it was time to leave Combe Martin. Departing by train with Aga Ali, Chanji, Tom, Margaret, Kim and Audrey (Ince), Baba returned to London on Thursday, 24 September 1931. He again stayed at the Davys' home, while Rustom and Meredith occupied a nearby house.

Herbert and Kitty's father John W. Davy ran the family printing business, and both he and his wife Helena were fortunate to have Baba's close contact. On one occasion, Baba casually discussed Ping-Pong and cricket with John.

Helena approached Baba one day and asked, "How am I to understand you? How am I to love you?"

"When praying, place a photograph of me before you," Baba directed her.

"I always keep Christ's picture in front of me when I pray," she replied.

"Continue gazing at his picture; it is one and the same. Christ's love is the most supreme ideal. I shall help you inwardly," Baba promised.

The next day, Kitty took Baba sightseeing around London to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the zoo at Regents Park, Westminster Abbey and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At Westminster, Baba remarked: "Those buried here are fortunate that I have been here." 

Baba repeated the same thing about the dead at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — that those buried there were fortunate to be visited by him. Their spirits might have been elsewhere, but Baba saw them.

Baba seemed to enjoy the novelty of traveling by subway, and he went all around London in the underground "tube" — to Liverpool Street, Oxford Circus, Shepard's Bush and Piccadilly.

While in London, Baba would get up early by six o'clock, have his breakfast at 7:30, glance through the newspaper and be ready to receive visitors by nine.

Kim brought her husband Desmond Tolhurst and her daughters Phoebe Ann and Susan Jane to see Baba on the 25th. Desmond told Baba, "I am a staunch Roman Catholic and want to lead a life of rectitude. I feel at times that I am doing wrong and I am tempted. I repeat my mistakes time and time again. I am religious-minded and want to remain devoted to God and the Church."

Baba replied, "Be religious; it is good. But eventually you have to go beyond the shariat — the traditional rituals of religion."

Desmond then asked, "Are there any true saints and holy priests in Christianity?"

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