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You become frightened, but fortunately see another man walking toward you. Both of you decide to catch the thief. You cautiously approach the object, but no sooner do you begin beating it than you discover to your surprise that it is not a robber but a boulder. It was a mere stone. But until you discovered this, to your mind it was a robber.

Pointing to the wooden stool, one of the mandali asked if that wasn't matter. "To you it seems to be matter, but to me it is atma, a soul. What you call matter is nothing." Baba then narrated this story from the toddyshop days:

When I lived in Poona, one of my friends was named Kaikhushru Icecreamwala. He was an Irani who used to make and sell ice cream. He was in the habit of taking bhang [hashish mixed in milk], and once after drinking some, he went to sell ice cream. On his way, there was a small puddle, hardly half a foot wide. But to Kaikhushru that puddle was a lake! He actually ran and jumped ten feet over it in order to cross it.

Now, if you had said to him, "This is not a lake, but a tiny puddle," do you think he would have believed you? He would have called you mad. To him it was a lake.

Similarly, to you, all this before you is matter. But to me it is nothing. Just as matter does not exist in your sound sleep, so it does not exist in my awake state. What you experience unconsciously in the sound sleep state, we God-realized persons experience in the awake state. Our awake state is real, but yours is false. When you realize God you will see for yourself. The existence of matter is due to the existence of the mind. When the mind disappears, matter also vanishes.

Late in the evening on Saturday, 30 March 1929, Baba went to Nasik with three of the men to visit the women mandali. He returned at 2:00 A.M. on 3 April. Meanwhile, at the end of March, Manekar left for Dhulia where he had found a job. On 1 April, Sadhu Christian Leik left on Baba's instructions to tour India and speak about Baba to whomever he met (orders similar to those given to Rustom before he left for England). Leik described his first stop at Madras, in a letter to K. J. Dastur:

The only service I can render [to Baba] is to visit houses and have a talk with those to whom I am introduced. I have a feeling that Shri Baba wants me to go to different parts of India to establish a spiritual or inner connection with those parts, just as he sent Mr. Rustom K. Irani to England in the spring of 1928 to establish a connection with the West ... Since Baba said he would be with me and I must not worry, I am gradually getting proofs of such care and this makes me grow in faith. I can see that through his inner workings he brings me in touch with those whom he wishes to help and bless.

Leik subsequently traveled to Bangalore, Mysore and other parts of India, sometimes spending two weeks at each place. He was gone for six months.

On Thursday, 11 April, Baba went to see the new hostel of the Ahmednagar National High School. He walked to the town at five in the morning with a few mandali, stopping first at Akbar Press.

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