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At other times he would travel around India, visiting Hyderabad, Bombay, Kolhapur, Indore, Benares, Surat, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Ahmednagar, Poona and many other places. Hence this Perfect Master acquired devotees throughout India. 

Many would come for Upasni Maharaj's darshan and ask for his grace. One day, Maharaj became impatient and said, "If you knew the real meaning of a Sadguru's grace, not one in a million would ask for it!'

The young Zoroastrian whom Maharaj had struck with a stone would visit Sakori on and off for six years. Maharaj did not explain about him to the public, but a few close followers knew of their relationship. During 1921, the young man stayed in Sakori continuously for six months. On the day he left, Upasni Maharaj bowed to him and proclaimed, "You are Adi Shakti [the Primal Force]!"

During 1922, the young man returned to Sakori two more times, staying for as long as six months, but, after this, he did not see Upasni for almost 20 years. However, Maharaj often mentioned him. In 1936, Maharaj even drove to Ahmednagar for one special purpose - to perform arti before the young man's photograph. Afterward, Upasni announced to those present, "Do you know who he really is? He is the Avatar!"

Upasni Maharaj had brought the Primal Force into human form. The young man had become his leading disciple and spiritual heir and a God-conscious Master himself. They met for the final time in a secluded hut in Dahigaon on 17 October 1941. No one knows what transpired in that meeting, but it is said that Upasni again repeated, "Adi Shakti," and sought permission to leave this world.

After this meeting, Upasni Maharaj began hinting that he would pass away soon. He wanted to travel to southern India, and, before starting from Sakori for Hyderabad with Godavri and the other nuns on 24 November 1941, he remarked, "I shall wind everything up within a month."

Maharaj visited Poona on 12 December 1941, but refused to allow any person to bow at his feet and take his darshan. Instead he placed a coconut on the ground and told people they could bow to it. On this occasion he was heard uttering, "I am tired ... I am tired of it ... I shall close it up very shortly." Those present thought he was referring to the Second World War, then in progress.

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