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A human being must care for his mind, which is like the meat. He should use his mind by training it to flow into the proper channels.

A person has to let go of his physical body sometime, for it cannot be preserved. To illustrate this: suppose one's finger is chopped off or a leg is crippled, he should not worry or weep over it because he knows that his whole physical body has to be discarded one day. But a human being should be most careful about his mind, which is of the utmost use to him. The mind should be directed toward proper spheres; it should be kept in check and utilized.

If this body, which a person has to discard one day, is used for anything, it should be used in the service of three causes: God, the Master and our fellowman. The body may become weary and worn-out — it may bring one suffering — but so what? Man, as a physical being, is destined to suffer. So long as the body is vibrant, active and under one's control, man can be said to have used it for a good cause by directing his energies in any good or noble work.

On 4 July 1925, handmills for grinding grain were obtained and fixed in a separate room, and the men began grinding their own millet for the bhakris that were served for their evening meal. Baba named the following men to work the mills at fixed times each morning, from 7:00 to 9:00 A.M.: Arjun, Bapu Brahmin, Bapu Gahile, Behramji, Maruti Patil, Mohan Shahane (Kaka's son), Nelmes, Eruchshaw Irani (a young man from Bombay), Vishnu, and Rustom. Baba fixed his own time for working at the mill and began doing it, at first for one hour and then for two hours each morning.

One day, when Baba was grinding the handmill, a man came for his darshan. Baba told him, "I am grinding jowar [millet], and if you want my darshan, you will have to share in my work."

Taken aback, the man replied, "Great One, I have come for your darshan, not for grinding grain."

Baba smilingly retorted, "What is the use of having the darshan of a simple grinder of grain? I grind completely those who come for my darshan. Without such grinding, how can you expect to have darshan? You are not in the least willing to do as I say, so how can I give you darshan?"

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