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5258NO DRUGS1967

When I give my close circle that which I have to give, it will be the real thing." 

Also on 5 February 1967, Adi sent out Baba's birthday message via Life Circular No. 64, as follows:

Baba lovingly permits all his lovers to celebrate his 73rd birthday on 25th February 1967, at their respective places. Those who wish to celebrate Baba's birthday should proceed with the preparations and celebrate the birthday in a manner befitting to the Avatar.

Meher Baba's birthday message for 1967 was:

Births and deaths are illusory phenomena. One really dies when one is born to live as God, the Eternal, Who is beyond both birth and death.

The circular also stated:

Please note very carefully: — Avatar Meher Baba will be in Poona from 1st April to the end of June 1967. As usual, Baba will stay at Guruprasad, 24 Bund Road, Poona-1.

Baba wishes all his lovers to be informed that he wants to remain completely undisturbed till the end of 1967. He will not give darshan to his lovers and will not see visitors till after 1967.

After 1967, Baba will himself announce when he will give darshan to his lovers. Therefore, Baba wants his lovers not to come to him of their own accord for his darshan before his announcement is circulated.

During his stay at Guruprasad in Poona for the three months (April to June 1967), Baba will see only those whom he has called or will specifically call for his work.

Yogi Shuddhanand Bharati wrote a book in Tamil called Meher Mahima (Glory of Meher). For it, Baba gave this message on 6 February:

In this Age of Mess, my message is: Hold fast to my daaman and be 100 percent honest in every way, because God, besides being infinite power, knowledge and bliss, is also infinite honesty; and so, by being honest in everything, you will be able to love God honestly as He ought to be loved.

On 6 February, Arnavaz, Katie, Roda and Khorshed were called from Bombay for a four-day stay at Meherazad. Chhagan had been sending food for Baba regularly. He was called to Meherazad on the 9th, and Baba's birthday program was discussed. Don and Adi met Baba on the 12th and the possibility of Don going to England again was discussed.

Before Baba canceled the December 1965 sahavas for Westerners, he had a letter sent to Bill Le Page in Australia that Bill would be allowed to stay on in India after the sahavas for an additional seven days.

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