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But Baba did not get out of the car. It was a tense, serious situation that lasted for some time. Finally, after much discussion back and forth, very reluctantly Baba, though still upset, agreed to stay in Meherabad on the following three conditions:

1. Adi should not stay with him.
2. Rustom, Khansaheb and no one else from the Irani family should come to Meherabad.
3. The Meherabad land should be legally transferred to either Adi or Gustadji's name.

Baba then got out of the car and said, "It is only because of Mother [Gulmai] that I have alighted."

Rustom went to Ahmednagar to consult his father about the transfer of the property and returned the next day with the news that he was not willing to transfer it — even to Adi's name. He had declared, "Why should Baba consider me so untrustworthy as to ask me to transfer the place to Adi?"

As expected, Baba did not like Khansaheb's reply and again considered a plan of either going to Bombay or settling in some other place where a fruit orchard could be developed. Adi was irritated and exclaimed, "You are simply seeking excuses to leave this place on any pretext! If you think this property unfit, why did you select it as your permanent headquarters in the first place?"

Gustadji could not tolerate Adi's impertinence, and there was a sharp exchange between them. It became more heated and Baba tried to stop their quarreling, asking Adi to be quiet; but Adi was so angry he continued to quarrel, disregarding Baba's request. At this point, Baba gave him a very hard slap, and Adi immediately stopped. Adi then wept, finally pleading, "Baba, do not leave here. Make Meherabad your headquarters and forgive our mistakes."

Baba again sent Rustom to Ahmednagar to talk with his father; Ramjoo followed after a while to help persuade Khansaheb. They both returned with a letter from Khansaheb in which he had written: "I am willing to do as Meher Baba requests regarding the property. I ask his forgiveness for some misunderstanding when I replied to his request the first time."

Age was touched by Khansaheb's gesture and the amount of attention Baba was paying to this family. "Who knows what amount of love was flowing towards this family?" Age mused, and it pointed out, "But where love flows, side by side there is also the breeze of purity cleansing the field of love of all impurities, a divine wind that blows away lifetimes of collected refuse."

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