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5241NO DRUGS1966

My dear Ivy,

A special article in the New York Times by Robert B. Semple, Jr., on "Colleges Warned to Curb Drug Use — U.S. Asserts Hallucinogens May Harm Students" was read to beloved Baba in Poona.

After hearing the article, Baba wishes me to let you and those concerned know that if the student world continues to indulge in the use of LSD, half of the U.S.A. would soon become mentally deranged! Hence, a check must be strictly enforced, and the use of these drugs be prohibited, especially among the rising generation.

Of course, the law of the land will take care of this side of the question; but Baba wishes Robert Dreyfuss, Allan Cohen, Rick Chapman and others, who have stopped taking LSD and such drugs, to be his apostles in this particular field and to give lectures on college campuses and speak in social gatherings and meetings, quoting passages from God Speaks and other Baba-literature on the experiences of the spiritual planes, and reading excerpts from letters from Baba to Dr. Richard Alpert and Allan Cohen in which beloved Baba is emphatically against the use of LSD and ganja [marijuana], and suchlike drugs and smokes.

Meher Baba wants these "Baba-boys" further to submit articles in newspapers against the use of these drugs as based on information from Avatar Meher Baba and from his writings in the Discourses, God Speaks, and so forth. Baba says that this is the best opportunity for Baba-boys to do his work in the States and, at the same time, to be of help to their fellow-beings in America. Their speeches and articles should be illuminating so as to turn the minds of the addicts and guide them to a proper understanding. Baba wishes his boys particularly to tell the students to read God Speaks in which even the experiences of the planes of consciousness are only another kind of an illusion.

Baba clarifies that these experiences of the planes are "real illusion," whereas those derived from the use of drugs are illusion into "false illusion." What beloved Baba wishes to imply is that this mundane life and the experiences thereof are a "dream into a dream," whereas the traversing of the spiritual path by the seekers who gain experiences of the planes of consciousness is a "dream."

Dear Ivy, it is expedient that these boys of Baba follow in right earnest Baba's wishes, and do their best to bring home his message for the benefit of all concerned.

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