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The men had to be careful of the ox because Sant had a bad habit of kicking, but it was eventually caught with no harm to the men.

Later that day, the Master again hinted at retiring into another seclusion. On Baba's instructions, Padri fixed a screen door on the Jhopdi so that people could see him and have his darshan from outside.

The very next day, Yeshwant Rao arrived from Sakori with some of his friends for Baba's darshan. Yeshwant was a main inner link between Sakori and Meherabad, and would always bring messages to Baba from Upasni Maharaj and then convey Baba's reply to Maharaj. Occasionally, during the 1920s, Gulmai and Adi would be sent to Sakori and would also act as messengers between the two Masters.

Once during this period, Baba was in the mood to play a game of Hide-and-Seek. He informed the mandali that he would hide and send Masaji to inform them to begin looking for him. "I will stay in this area," he stated. "I won't go to the village or up the hill."

Baba went to hide, and soon Masaji returned and told the mandali to begin their search. They looked for one hour without locating Baba. One of them said, "Baba must have gone to the village or up the hill, despite telling us that he would stay here. He often says one thing and does another."

When they finally gave up, Masaji led them to the Jhopdi, which was locked from outside. He unlatched the door, and Baba stepped out. "I told Masaji to lock me in," Baba explained. "I was so close to you. Yet you saw the lock, used your minds, and looked elsewhere, instead of trusting my words."

Baba then said, "I am in you all — I am your very life. Seeking me outside — here and there — can never find me. So try to find me within. Seek me inside your own self where I am hiding."

After lunch, on the 17th of May, Nervous said, "Today is Zoroaster's death anniversary." Baba asked Nervous why he did not inform him of this earlier so that he could have arranged some program. The Parsi and Irani mandali were in favor of celebrating the day, but Baba said it was too late.

At this, Adi critically remarked, "Had it been some Hindu holiday, you would have taken interest!"

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