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Baba then smiled, saying, "Tomorrow, bring them all here." Baba then called for sweets from Gustadji and gave them to both boys. They returned happily and told the other village children about the kind stranger.

The following day, some children began coming. Baba would speak with them kindly in Marathi and give them candy. Once he asked a boy named Lala B. Kamble, "Will you sing bhajans with me?"

Lala replied, "If you give us sweets, we will do whatever you say!"

"First sing a bhajan, and then I will give you sweets." The children agreed, and Baba said, "I will sing a line first and then you repeat it." He sang in Marathi:

O Pandarinath, how wonderful it is to see you,
       standing on bricks with hands akimbo. 
How beautiful and blissful you look!

The children began singing in squeaking voices. Baba laughed, thoroughly enjoying it. After the song, he distributed more sweets, parched rice and roasted chickpeas.

The next day, Baba taught them another bhajan:

O Pandurang! When will you give me darshan?
When will I see you? When will you appear?

Pandarinath and Pandurang are different names of the god-like idol enshrined in the Hindu temple of Vithoba [Krishna] at Pandharpur Village in Maharashtra, along the banks of the Chandrabhaga River. Thousands of pilgrims flock there several times a year on sacred days and, after having a bath in the river, worship the statue of the deity.

When Baba would distribute sweets to the impoverished Harijan children, they would eat them ravenously and then look expectantly at him for more. Baba would again fill their hands with treats to eat, making them overjoyed.

Once Baba asked them, "What deva [deity] do you worship?" Each Hindu child named a different god. Then he asked, "Do so many deities love you?"

They replied, "We do not know; but our parents worship them, so we also worship them." Hearing this, Baba sang with the children a song to Dattatrey:

"O Dattatrey, Lord of the Trinity! O Brahma! O Vishnu! O Mahesh!
Our obeisance to the One with three heads and six hands!"

Baba then inquired, "Who is this deva with six hands?"

The children said, "We apply tikka [vermilion mark] to the idol, but we have never seen his six hands."

Baba told them, "While grazing the goats tomorrow, think about this and give me your answer in the evening."

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