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Baba says that there are bound to be differences of opinion among his lovers regarding the conducting of the work to be done and the manner in which it is to be done, but such differences are, in a way, always healthy and invigorating as long as they do not carry with them the sting of arrogance and insolence.

Baba always expects his lovers to remain prepared to face and overcome all opposition calmly and humbly. And when the differences are thrashed out pleasantly, with an attitude of one who sincerely desires to learn and benefit from the other's point of view, the results thus achieved are beneficial to both the parties concerned...

As soon as you succumb to the dictates of your ego and permit arrogance and insolence to put their heads up, then this attitude recoils on Baba himself, as you are his dear lover[s] and your Beloved Baba's head remains bowed down with humiliation. Thus our attitude in his cause becomes the cause of his continual suffering, and the burden of this cross is continually borne by him for the love he bears for us. He will continue to suffer such sustained humiliation as long as his lovers, who have come in his close association, do not begin to share this most burdensome cross. His lovers can learn now to share this by putting up with any humiliation caused to them by the misunderstanding/arrogance of others in his cause.

The Poona Center workers also had their differences. On Sunday, 17 November, another meeting of the Poona workers was held in Meherazad. Baba ordered Ramakrishnan to keep an account of every paisa spent. At the meeting, Baba stated:

I have not taken as much interest in any other center in India or abroad, as I have in the Poona Center. My lovers at various places open centers, build structures and arrange programs all on their own. In Ahmednagar, Sarosh had a hall built, and I still do not know how he brought it off!

And here you are. I do not understand you people. You wish to establish a center, but I have to see to the smallest matter! All right, never mind. Forget it. But remember to take as much interest in running the center as I am taking to get it built!

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