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You are blessed in your love for me. The love of my lovers gathered in Kovvur for the opening of Mehersthan on February 28th has filled Mehersthan with my presence, for I abide where my lovers are. I give my blessing to Mehersthan and to all who have made this pilgrimage to Kovvur to welcome me.

In Andhra, on Friday, 28 February 1963 at 7:00 A.M., Maharani Shantadevi declared Mehersthan open to the public by cutting the seven-colored ribbon strung across its entrance. She unveiled the bronze statue of Baba and delivered an address. Adi then unfurled Baba's flag on the dome of Mehersthan and gave a speech. Many attended the function, including several dignitaries and Yogi Shuddhanand Bharati, Dr. Moorty from Calcutta, and Hoshang Bharucha from Navsari, all of whom gave a short speech.

At Meherazad on the 28th, Baba called both the men and women mandali to the hall to stand before him. At 7:32 A.M., exactly at the moment Shantadevi was unveiling the statue at Mehersthan, Baba clapped and, according to his wish, all the mandali shouted with one voice, "Parvardigar!"

At this time, a yogi named Satya Saibaba was becoming famous in South India, as he would materialize ash in his palm, jewels and other items for his devotees. In a letter dated 2 March 1963, a devotee had written describing Satya's powers. In response, Eruch joked, "To keep such a one as him among the mandali would be of great help in all respects!"

Baba commented, "These are the powers of a tantric."

On another occasion, Ivy Duce wrote inquiring if Satya Saibaba was on the fourth plane and perhaps misusing his occult powers. Baba repeated that he was a tantric and using tantric powers for his so-called "miracles."

Meanwhile, Jane Haynes was living in New York City with her three children. She had been writing a children's book about Baba, but somehow the project was not progressing well. Baba wrote to her: "You are not to worry. More important to me than any books written or unwritten is the love you bear for me."

After reading about Sakhares' work of setting up a Baba information booth at the New Delhi Industries Fair, Jane thought why not have Meher Baba represented at the New York World's Fair scheduled to open in about a year. Kitty was visiting the family and liked Jane's idea so much that she wrote to Sarosh, who conveyed her letter to Baba. In response, Baba expressed his happiness and approved of the idea.

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