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For Silence Day that year, Baba wished his lovers to observe complete silence for 24 hours, from midnight of 9 July to midnight of the 10th. Those who found it impossible to observe silence were told to observe a complete fast for twelve hours on 10 July, from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., consuming nothing, not even water. They were instructed to take only one cup of tea or coffee in the morning before beginning their fast.

In honor of the 37th anniversary of Baba's silence, on 15 July 1962, lovers of the Ahmednagar Center cooked and served a free meal to hundreds of poor people. They asked Baba's permission to send the food for him and all at Meherazad, and Baba replied, "I, being the poorest of the poor, am happy to accept it." (Chhagan and Rustom Kaka proposed that food be sent for Baba and the mandali once a week, but Baba did not permit it.)

Two days later, on the 17th, according to Baba's instructions, Padri, Sushila and the Kalchuris were driven to Meherazad in the DeSoto at 9:00 A.M. They were with Baba the entire day, and left at 4:00 P.M. for Meherabad.

Final preparations now began for the East-West Gathering. Mani and Eruch were busy with correspondence and other matters, as were all the mandali. The darshan was a topic of constant discussion in Meherazad, and Baba gave instructions for it. The names of those from the West who had informed Meherjee of their coming were read to Baba. To those who wanted to come but could not, he sent this message: "Do not worry. I am always with you, and will be more so during the darshan time."

Baba also dictated a few discourses to be read at the East-West Gathering. On 4 August, he gave an explanation of "The Four Journeys." 

Hoshang Bharucha was given permission to visit Ahmednagar later that month. Before he arrived, Baba sent him this telegram on 6 August: "You are one of those who should stick to me till the very end, because the time is near when maya might make my lovers let go their hold of me. After November [1962], you will have to sacrifice everything to gain what you are longing for, so you will then have to obey me 100 percent."

According to the Irani calendar, Monday, 6 August 1962, was the Prophet Zoroaster's birthday. That day, for the first time since his return from Poona a month before, Baba left Meherazad and visited Meherabad, to see the mandali and the resident families there. Usually, whenever Baba went to Meherabad, he would stop near Khushru Quarters to see Gulmai. At this time, Gulmai was ill. But Eruch had sent a note to Adi three days prior to this, stating that Baba did not wish to stop on the 6th, but would stop briefly at the Akbar Press Gate, meet his lovers there, and come to see Gulmai at Khushru Quarters on the 12th.

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