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Khorshed from Bombay, a few other close lovers from Poona, and Kutumba Sastri and others from Andhra had come to attend the play.

Kutumba Sastri's son, Bhasker, was working in Adi's office, and, as mentioned, his marriage had been arranged with Usha Kulkarni. The day after the play, their wedding took place in the Ahmednagar Center. Afterwards Kutumba Sastri, Bhasker, Usha and their relatives went to Meherazad, where Baba blessed the couple. Usha sang a song before Baba, who was pleased by her efforts. He advised the young couple: "Love each other and love me with your combined love." The Sastri family then happily returned to Ahmednagar.

In March, Baba announced that he would not give darshan to his Western lovers in Guruprasad in May, or at any other time during his stay in Poona that year. He also stated that during this period, except for those whom he called expressly for work, no one should visit him or express a desire to do so, because his seclusion would continue to remain as strict as it had been. Instead, Baba announced that he would make a special visit to Guruprasad with the mandali to give darshan to his Western and Eastern lovers for seven days from the 1st of November 1962. This darshan was only for his lovers and not for the general public, and he made it clear that he would not see any lovers individually. To help keep his seclusion undisturbed, his lovers were not to seek an interview or his advice, nor put any questions to him, either spiritual or otherwise, and they should likewise not expect any spiritual discourse.

Baba loved the game of cricket from his childhood. In 1959, he promised one of his devotees, Nari Contractor, a professional cricketer, that he would make it possible for him to lead the Indian cricket team. Later that year when the team went to England, Nari was in fact made captain. Polly Umrigar, another Baba-lover, was also on his team, and the captaincy should rightfully have been his. In 1962, the Indian cricket team went to the West Indies for a match. On 17 March a ball struck Nari in the head, resulting in a serious injury. He was taken to a hospital, where a four-hour emergency operation was performed.

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