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Marvin and Jeannie Campen also came with the Harbs. As a Christmas present, the Campens brought Baba a Swiss music box that played "Silent Night." Marvin Campen was working in the petroleum industry. The Campens had been living in France and Switzerland for the past five years, but were moving to New Jersey, where Marvin had been transferred.

Mehera's birthday fell on Saturday, 23 December that year, according to the Parsi calendar. Khorshed from Bombay was a guest at Meherazad that weekend, as were Meherwan and Manu Jessawala and Meherjee from Poona. Manu was allowed to stay for a month at Meherazad with the women.

On Christmas morning, Baba distributed chocolates to each of the mandali. He stated: "Christ lived for love and died for love. He was Love Personified; his crucifixion was an expression of his universal love. Christ abides in all; therefore, selfless service to humanity is service to God."

Don and Padri saw Baba at Meherazad on the 28th to discuss his health and other matters. Deshmukh arrived in Ahmednagar that day, and on the 29th morning Adi drove him to Meherazad, where, instead of the promised "five minutes," Baba spoke with him for an hour. Baba asked about his family and listened to a little of Deshmukh's English translation of Keshav Nigam's Meher Chalisa. Deshmukh left that same afternoon.

Dadi Kerawala was permitted to see Baba for an hour on 3 January 1962.

Baba's Western followers in Europe, America and Australia were longing to see him again, and in January 1962, Baba discussed the possibility of allowing them to come to Poona during May while he was at Guruprasad. But no definite plans were announced. On Tuesday, 9 January, Baba's secretary Adi was called to Meherazad to discuss the proposal. The Gajwani family were permitted darshan for half an hour that day. Gajwani's son Kumar had recently gotten married in London and he and his wife Mira came and received Baba's blessings. Arnavaz and Nariman accompanied them.

Baba continued to have severe aches and pains in his body, and was generally feeling very weak. Padri was called to Meherazad on the 11th and began administering homeopathic medicine to Baba daily for a week. Baba's stool was sent to Ahmednagar for examination on the 19th and that day, Eruch sent this note to Adi:

Since last few days, Baba has been telling me to inform you that he is not at all feeling well. He cannot even move about freely and is feeling extremely weak. I have been putting off this for some days thinking Baba might feel better.

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