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After the darshan program, Baba met with Nelmes in private and asked what he wanted. Nelmes replied, "I have seen you as the Christ! I want to be at your feet forever!" Baba consoled him, telling Nelmes he would send for him at the appropriate time, but until then he should remain in Poona.

Soon after, Baba returned to Meherabad without anyone in Arangaon or Ahmednagar being the wiser; no one in Poona knew where he was residing, either. Baba continued his fast and, from 27 December, he extended the period for drinking some liquid, from once every 34 hours to once every 40 hours.

On Monday, 31 December 1923, Baba left Meherabad for Bombay with Behramji and Gustadji, arriving that evening. Baba had written to Ghani and Ramjoo the day before, telling them to meet him on the railway platform at Lonavla station. Because of continuous fasting, Baba's usual radiant health had deteriorated. What he had undergone in seclusion had broken down his physical constitution. He wrote:

I am growing weaker day by day. Last night was terrible and this morning I am left a physical wreck ... While writing this my hands are shaking!

— Merwan —

Naturally, Ghani and Ramjoo were alarmed when they heard of his condition. After arriving in Lonavla, Baba drank hot cocoa which they had brought, according to his instructions. As indicated in his letter, they found him looking pale and weak — his fasting had reduced him to a skeleton. But despite his physical suffering, both observed Baba to be in quite a cheerful mood. With his consent, Ramjoo and Ghani accompanied him on the train to Khandala, the next station.

In Bombay, while still maintaining seclusion, Baba stayed in an apartment located in the Bharucha Building at Dadar, which Vajifdar had rented according to previous instruction. At the Bharucha Building, on 1 January 1924, Baba curtailed the period of fasting from 40 to 24 hours, and would take only a sherbet-flavored glass of water.

At this time, Daulatmai's daughter Mehera was still staying in Sakori, and Soonamasi's daughter Khorshed was now with her as Mehera's friend and companion. After settling in Bombay, Baba sent Gulmai to Sakori to bring both young ladies to be with him. Baba then housed Mehera with Khorshed and Khorshed's parents in Irani Mansion. Age rejoiced."The Purush had his Prakruti beside him; the Perfect Man had the mirror of creation with him, and this pure image of the Beloved's heart began singing the Song throughout the Garden."

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