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Recognizing him, the local milkman was surprised; Behramji quickly explained that he had come to Meherabad alone and would leave again after a few days. Even water from the well was drawn in the dark, so that no one would suspect Meher Baba's presence there. For the same reason, the Master kept himself confined inside the Post Office building.

Baba then directed Gustadji and Behramji to put up the tent inside the Post Office, but it was difficult due to the stone walls and flooring. The work took longer than expected, and Baba became impatient with the delay. He brusquely told them to hurry up. Perspiring, they somehow managed to raise it. Baba then closed the door and remained inside the tent the whole day. Gustadji and Behramji cooked rice and dal in a dilapidated mud hut nearby and ate their one daily meal of boiled rice and dal. As ordered by Baba, they were still eating only once every 24 hours, while he continued fasting on liquids.

Adi came with butter the next night to add to their food. He was the second person, besides Rustom, who was told of Baba's return. After two or three days, Adi began bringing their daily food, thereby relieving Behramji and Gustadji from the bother of cooking.

Baba stayed secluded inside the Post Office, but would go outside briefly to use the toilet or for a drink of water. In the dark hours before dawn, Gustadji and Behramji would fill the water pots and they, too, would keep themselves hidden inside during the day. Thus, for some days, no one knew of the Master's presence in Meherabad. After a week, Gulmai was permitted to come see him with her son Adi.

During the last week of December 1923, Baba went to Poona for a couple of days and stayed at Sadashiv Patil's house in Kasba Peth. In a splendid mood, Baba held his largest public darshan; hundreds came for his blessing. Babu Cyclewalla brought a British seeker named Louis Henry Cox Nelmes. At the moment of seeing Baba, Nelmes, a Christian by faith, was stunned and thought he was beholding Jesus Christ himself! He became speechless as he gazed at Baba. Tears welled up in his eyes. He stood before Baba for a long time, then bowed and took his darshan. Within moments, his heart accepted Baba as his Lord with full faith and love.

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