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Most particularly it is to all of you who have replied in the affirmative (Yes), stating your resolution to obey me and hold fast to my daaman under all circumstances and, irrespective of whatever may or may not happen, to stick to me to the very end.

I want you, all my lovers, to take this period of my seclusion as most important from all angles.

I want you to help me by helping one another through practicing greater tolerance toward all, even toward those who cause you provocation. I want you to do this through love and not through compulsion.

I want you to live in agreement and to maintain cordial relations with all, especially during these six months of my seclusion which will test to the utmost your forbearance, thus making you aware of the extent of your love for me.

I want you to know that I will definitely break my silence, and I want you to cling to my daaman until the very end, irrespective of whether I speak or not. I am the Highest of the High and want you to love me not for any spiritual or material gain, nor for the impending breaking of my silence and my manifestation, but I want you to love me for myself as being God in human form.

I want you to remain undisturbed and unshaken by the force of life's currents, for whatever the circumstances they too will be of my own creation.

I want you to remain absorbed as much as possible in thinking of me during my seclusion of six months, when circumstances will be so created during this period that they will try to drift you away from me. This is the reason why I have repeatedly stressed while at Guruprasad that the time has come when I want you all to cling to my daaman with both hands — in case the grip of one hand is lost, your other hand will serve in good stead.

And lastly, I want you all to remember NOT to disturb me in any way during my seclusion, not even by writing to me to acknowledge this or to reaffirm your love for me.

My love to you each.

Baba's six-month seclusion at Meherazad began from Friday, 1 July 1960. Eruch's mother, Gaimai, had been allowed to stay at Meherazad for 20 days, and she arrived that afternoon.

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