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4640GURUPRASAD, 19601960

The Maharani of Baroda, as well as Nari Contractor, the famous Indian cricket player, were also present. Baba had also brought the women mandali from Meherazad, who watched the proceedings from behind a screened-off area. Lunch was prepared for them and Baba, but Baba had not time to eat and took the food with him to Meherazad.

The group of devotees from Hamirpur and Raja Kher were allowed to see Baba at Meherazad the following morning at 9:00 A.M.

Ala Sathiraju of Kovvur sent a telegram to Baba that he was to undergo an operation because of a serious medical condition. On the 8th, Baba cabled this reply: "Nothing can ever be serious except lack of love for me, and that you have in abundance."

At 7:30 A.M. on 9 March, Baba was driven to Khushru Quarters briefly, on his way to Meherabad for a small poor program. Padri had been informed to keep fourteen poor persons from Arangaon ready on the back verandah of the hall. Each of the villagers was to have washed their own feet. Baba stood on the ground and the recipients on the verandah. He handed each four rupees after bowing to them. Kaikobad was staying at Meherabad at this time and, as instructed, was present for the program. Baba returned to Meherazad at about 10:30 A.M.

A few days before, on the 3rd, Baba's feet had begun to swell. On the 7th he had fever, aches and pains all over his body, and both his face and his feet were swollen. Padri gave him some homeopathic medicine, but the swelling persisted for a few days. Suddenly, a week later, by the 14th, Baba recovered. There was no explanation for his illness, other than the strain from the large darshan on the 6th.

On 14 March Kaikobad was called to Meherazad for a one-hour prayer program. Eruch left for Poona that day, ahead of Baba and the other mandali, and stayed with his family at Bindra House, as usual.

All of the Meherazad mandali were to join Baba in Poona, except for Kaka Baria and Kaikobad. Kaka stayed at Meherazad as its caretaker, and Kaikobad continued to stay with his family at Meherabad during Baba's three-month absence.

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