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4639GURUPRASAD, 19601960

Baba would likewise often arrange for different people's support. He might tell Sarosh or Nariman, "Pay so-and-so Rs.100 a month for the next six months," or he might arrange for someone's education as he had done for Goher, or for singing lessons as he did later for Lata Limaye. If someone were going abroad for further studies, he would write to lovers in that country with instructions to look after them (such as for Digambar Gadekar, Dadi Kerawala and Najoo Kotwal, who went to America). Besides this, Baba would always remember to send a birthday card or telegram to his close lovers whether they be nearby or far away (such as Dhake, Dhun Satha or the Kalchuris in Ahmednagar; Delia DeLeon in England or Kitty Davy in America, among many others). Thus, for the Beloved of all, there was hardly a moment's rest.

Adi suggested a darshan program at Khushru Quarters before Baba left for Guruprasad, to which Baba agreed. The darshan was scheduled to take place on 6 March 1960 and a shamiana was erected in the compound. The Navsari group came for this, and Baba called them to Meherazad the day before. Many newcomers were in the group. Hoshang Bharucha's brother Marzban was among them and Baba asked him, "What do you think I am?"

Marzban, who was not a Baba lover, replied bluntly, "A crook!"

Baba smiled and replied, "I am God, a crook and everything [in between]. I am glad you have given me your frank opinion.

"Do you love me?" Baba then asked.

"I do not know what love is," Marzban replied. But soon after this, he began to weep and did not want to leave Baba's side. Baba called him and embraced him several times. Marzban was a changed man from that day on and became an ardent lover.

Baba pointed out that those who have firm faith and belief in him never find cause to be worried: "The question of worry does not arise." About his recent birthday celebrations, he joked, "Seeing how enthusiastically my birthday was celebrated in this country and abroad makes me feel it is going to be my last."

The public darshan was held on Sunday, 6 March 1960, in Khushru Quarters from early that morning until 2:00 P.M., and nearly 8,500 persons availed themselves of his darshan. The Ahmednagar bhajan group sang as Baba sat on a dais under the shamiana and handed out prasad to the many people who had come from distant places such as Bombay, Poona, Hamirpur, Nasik, Surat, Pathardi and Calcutta.

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