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I could see nothing but this intensity; the human being, the man, faded and disappeared ... The impact of the beautiful light of love that I had seen in Baba's eyes was so great that all these details [of the surroundings] were almost blotted out. 

On 12 March 1959, news was received that Gadekar had died in Poona at midnight at the age of 55. He had been sitting on his bed repeating Baba's name when his heart suddenly stopped. Don had been to see him that morning. Baba commented, "Only I know how fortunate Gadekar was, who with his last breath called out my name. He has come to me forever."

Baba sent this telegram to Gunatai:

Gadekar was dear
Now he has come near.
Inform all not to fear,
But to love me with cheer.

Baba added: "Be happy that Gadekar enjoys my company forever."

After the 1955 Sahavas, Gadekar had requested Baba to permit him to stay with him as one of the mandali, and Baba had promised that, within a few years, "I will call you to stay with me for all time!" Baba had fulfilled his promise — but not in the way that Gadekar had thought.

During Gadekar's final days, the Poona bhajan group had helped him through the long nights of pain by singing bhajans to him. Digambar, the couple's only son, had gone to America one and a half months before according to Baba's instructions. Baba sent a telegram for him to remain there and continue his studies. "Be happy that your father has come to me," Baba cabled.

When Pleader saw Baba at Ashiana on the 13th, Baba remarked, "Gadekar has gone. I have relieved him."

Pleader too was not in good health, but Baba told him, "What you are suffering is but a fraction of the infinite suffering that I am going through. Even though I am suffering, I have to embrace you all and take care of you all, while working for the universe day and night."

Baba told Pleader to bear his current suffering for another four months. "I dare not care not," Baba stated that day. "I have to take care of everything and everyone, good and evil."

Baba had been invited to visit the Catholic Saint Joseph High School in Wadala, by the principal, Father Rego. Baba was also invited to visit the N. S. D. Industrial Home for the Blind in Worli, by the institute's Secretary. Baba visited both institutions on Friday, 13 March 1959. Dr. Alu Khambatta was a homeopathic consultant to the Saint Joseph High School, and Father Rego had come to know about Baba through her.

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