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Baba sends his very dear love to his very dear Tukaram [Baba's nickname for Gadekar] and to Gunatai, Tai and Digambar.

Yours lovingly,

Gadekar and Gunatai came to Meherazad to see Baba on the morning of Thursday, 12 February. Gadekar had grown weak and was suffering terribly. Weeping, he cried out, "Baba, cure me. I want to go to different places to spread your love."

Baba consoled him, "Don't worry; you will be all right soon. You have devoted your whole life for my cause, and I am pleased with you." Sending him out of the hall with one of the mandali, Baba informed Gunatai, "Gadekar will come to me soon, so serve him well. Keep him as cheerful as possible. Whatever is going to happen will happen. You should not worry. Keep your head cool and give him as much rest as possible."

The day before, Meherdas had come from Hamirpur to Meherazad to stay with Baba for a day. Baba instructed him to go to Poona with Gadekar to nurse him. Baba asked Gadekar to repeat his name continuously and not to worry. He bid him a loving farewell and when Gadekar sat in the car, Baba sent the mandali to stand near it and shout, "Bhakta Shironmani [the crown jewel among lovers] Gadekar Saheb ki jai!" Gadekar and Gunatai left for Poona, and it was a very touching departure.

On 20 February, Baba stated, "Today I am entering the last lap of my six months of suffering and humiliation."

Wednesday, 25 February 1959, was Baba's 65th birthday. According to Baba's wish, that year it was not celebrated in any way, in either Meherazad or Meherabad. The men and women mandali were even told not to wish him happy birthday. But in other centers throughout India and the world, it was observed with great celebration. More and more people were being drawn to Baba, as he himself had recently stated: "The time has come, and it has to be. It will keep growing, spreading all over, and nothing can or will stop it."

Baba dictated the following message for his birthday, which had been cabled to all centers on the 22nd: "Every second in eternity, every one of us is the same One Indivisible God, Who has no second ever, not even on the 25th!"

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