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I send my love to each and every one of you.

After returning to his home in Poona in November, Gadekar was diagnosed as having Hodgkin's disease, with two cancerous tumors under his armpits. His son Digambar went to America at the end of January 1959 for further college studies, and his daughter Nalini Tai was studying at the Poona University Medical School. Gadekar wrote to Baba about this on 28 January, and Eruch sent this reply:

Meherazad, Ahmednagar
1 February 1959
My dear Gadekar Saheb,

Baba took great interest in hearing the contents of your letter of 28th ultimo [last month].

Baba knows how you have taken, and are taking great pains to spread your beloved Baba's message of Love and Truth in Poona and elsewhere — wherever you are posted. All this labor of love will never and cannot go in vain.

Baba also knows how much pain and discomfort you are undergoing at present due to the swollen glands. All this pain should never be taken by you as "paying for your sins." No! It is to give you greater opportunity to remember Baba more frequently. Baba wants you to bear the pain patiently in loving him the more.

Baba says that he is well pleased with your efforts, your deep love for him, and your unfailing support and your cooperation with Baba lovers at all times and under every situation, and, this time, under severe physical pain and discomfort, Baba feels very proud for having such lovers.

Now Baba wants you to concentrate your attention on loving him more. So, do this: remember Baba more and much more. Repeat Baba's name silently as often as you can do and remain engrossed in your love and devotion for the Beloved of all hearts — Baba.

Stop worrying about Digambar, Tai or Gunatai [his wife]. Let them now worry for your comforts and health. You have had enough worries for them in the past. Give them a chance to give their share and let them play their parts. Instead of worrying for "this, that and them" get seriously engrossed in "him, his and his work." This is the time for you to do this. Now is the time for you to feel completely relaxed from the routine worries and to get engrossed in the joy and peace that prevail when one shares Baba's "pleasure and happiness" with other fellow beings — relations, neighbors, friends and all the rest.

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