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Gadekar, however, continued to brood and began having trouble sleeping at nights. Baba had Goher give him seven sleeping pills for seven days. He was also suffering from asthma, so Benadryl syrup was given to him. Despite Goher's clear instructions to take only one tablet before sleeping, the next morning Gadekar swallowed all seven sleeping pills. When it was discovered, Baba called him and asked why he had made such a stupid error. Goher then gave him some apples, and Baba kept him seated beside him. This seemed to mitigate any adverse reaction, because the tablets apparently had no ill effect on him. Soon after, Gadekar's worries left him, his mood changed and he appeared happy.

One day, in the course of playing cards, Gadekar became depressed over some mistake he had made. Seeing him in that ill mood, Baba assured Gadekar, "Don't worry. Whatever happens in the world happens according to the will of God. Even sins are committed because of God's will!"

Baba had Aloba recite a couplet of Hafiz to the effect that:

Realizing that it is not in your hands to commit a sin, still,

Out of reverence for God, confess that you have done it!

On Monday, 15 September 1958, Baba said, "Two and a half months are left for the great work to be completed before November end." He called Kaikobad, whom he instructed to pray before him for the successful completion of his work.

Previously Baba had forbidden Aloba to stare at him, to the extent that for one period, Aloba had been made to wear dark sunglasses in mandali hall. During this period also, each day, Baba would catch Aloba "staring at him." Baba would reprove him severely, and then have the Prayer of Repentance recited. Aloba would be sent to his room, where he would weep copiously. After some time, Baba would send Pukar to see what he was doing. Then Baba would call him back in the hall.

In order to avoid staring at Baba, Aloba began sitting with his back to Baba. Baba asked him why he was behaving so strangely. "Can't you sit normally, facing me like the others, without staring at me?"

Later, Baba commented to the mandali, "This man stares at my photo all night and that is why he has the habit of staring at me. I am sure if I ask him to hack his body into pieces, he will carry out my order. But he cannot obey small orders!"

The next day, Baba told Aloba to change his position in the hall and sit farther away. But when Baba caught him glancing at him sideways, after scolding him and then forgiving him again, Baba pleaded, "Can't you help me even a little? You love me; but help me in my work!"

Baba's daily castigation of Aloba for staring at him went on. It went to such an extent that it became difficult for Aloba even to glance at Baba. On account of this, Aloba was so distressed that he found it impossible to sleep. One day Baba remarked, "You are growing old. Why do you look so tormented?"

Aloba now pleaded, "I am unable to follow your smallest instruction, which causes you to get upset. Because of it, I cannot sleep at night."

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