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4444WESTERN SAHAVAS, 19581958

Baba then observed: "Some things I will tell you today which have connection with the 10th of July. This time I have not invited the women. Last time, they were called to the sahavas. But some women are present whom I will introduce." He introduced Maharani Shantadevi, the Rani of Kurundwad and her son the Raja of Kurundwad, the Maharaja of Bhor, Mrs. Sardar Raste and Mrs. Prabha Kain. The women were accommodated on Meherabad Hill, whereas the men stayed in lower Meherabad.

About Maharani Shantadevi, Baba stated, "I am happy with Shantadevi that on my mere asking, she places her Guruprasad Palace in Poona at my disposal. She had not seen me before, but she had love and reverence for me. I am not happy because she is a maharani or because she has wealth. I am pleased with her because she possesses honest love."

Regarding Mrs. Niranjan Singh, Baba stated, "Her love for me compared with her husband's is greater. Niranjan, isn't it true?" He replied affirmatively.

Baba asked Professor Jagindar Singh, "Is your love for me more than your wife's?"

He replied, "We both love you equally."

Referring to Sanjeevani Dhakephalkar, Baba observed, "She is a well-educated person and loves me. She is a social worker and also gives lectures in Hindi."

Regarding Gunatai Gadekar, Baba commented, "She is the mother of Digambar, who has recently passed his M.Sc. [master's degree in science] first class. I had told him that if he did not pass as I wished [first class], I would not see his face again. Really, he has done so brilliantly, and I am happy with him."

About Subhadra Bundellu, Baba remarked, "She is an excellent singer, and Madhusudan composes the songs."

Baba then asked who had not read Life At Its Best. Those who did not have copies were each given one as a gift. Baba addressed Mrs. Niranjan Singh, "The book is written in English, so you will have to catch hold of Niranjan and learn everything about it from him!"

Baba allowed a five-minute break, and calling Niranjan Singh and Jagindar Singh to him, he praised their balance of head and heart. At this time, some men fell at Baba's feet which he did not like, but he forgave them. Gadekar also wanted to bow down, but Baba strongly reprimanded him, so none of the others dared offer obeisance.

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