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As Thirumala Rao was rendering this explanation into Telugu, Baba was deeply absorbed and at times, energetically moved his hands and fingers as if driving something away. At other times, his fingers moved as if he was calling somebody or dictating something. Once he took his own darshan. At one point his gestures conveyed consolation to someone, and then gestured as if asking someone else to wait.

The Gujarati translator Burjor Mehta mistakenly rendered the word love as bhakti (devotion) whereupon, intervening, Baba twisted his ear and elucidated:

Love cannot be called bhakti; rather, the consummation of bhakti is love. Love is the highest. We can speak of it as the highest type of devotion. There is a difference between bhakti and love. For example, here is a bhakta [devotee] and Baba. The bhakta worships Baba and does bhakti. When bhakti increases and reaches its zenith, the bhakta burns and finds no curtain between himself and God. Let the bhakti reach such a zenith and then there will be no veil between Baba and yourself.

"Now don't take it for granted that you are all in that state of love!" he teased.

The path of love is the third path. The first path is the path of actions, serving other false Is. The second is the path of worshiping false Is.

This third path of love is very, very important. Therefore, listen with all your attention to what I have to say. It is but for the very few to annihilate their very existence and merge in me. For those who want to love me, I have given points for them to follow. Love means love. It is void of any superficiality or formality. The lover has to keep the wish of the Beloved, and always has to keep the Beloved pleased and happy.

What are the wishes of your Beloved — if you take me to be your Beloved? They are:

1) Do not shirk your responsibilities, such as home, family, office, jobs, et cetera.

2) Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.

3) When you feel happy, think Baba wants you to be happy. When you suffer, think Baba wants you to suffer.

4) Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely that Baba has placed you in this situation.

5) With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.

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