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Hazrat Babajan disclosed to me my Ancient State, and Upasni Maharaj established that state in me. One day Upasni Maharaj told those around him to hold fast to Merwan, as he used to call me. At that time, and soon after, there was a peculiar atmosphere in Sakori. Upasni Maharaj is present here, and remains here always. He is witness to what I am going to tell you today, and what I am telling you is the absolute truth.

Things started happening on a certain night soon after Upasni Maharaj told some devotees to hold fast to me. Even Yeshwant Rao [who was present in the pandal] did not know what happened on that night. Maharaj and I were sitting in a hut. Maharaj folded his hands and told me, "Merwan, you are the Avatar." Maharaj then told me to leave him, adding that soon he would create such an opposition as would make it difficult for those whom he had asked to stick to me, to follow his advice. "Even those who want to hold fast to your daaman will abandon you!" he said.

In those days, there were two groups in Sakori: those who loved and followed me, and those who envied me and were against me. Those against me were pleased at Maharaj's creating opposition against me. One among those who loved me was Durgabai, and in the opposition was a Brahmin Talati [a village tax revenue officer]. I would not like to go into detail of how these two elements clashed and how I kept free from it. But one thing I will tell you about Godavri Mai, and it is her greatness — she was the beloved of Upasni Maharaj. Those who used to come for Maharaj's darshan were also taking Godavri Mai's. Just imagine how Godavri Mai created a favorable atmosphere for me after the passing away of Upasni Maharaj. He created opposition, and the opposition continued even after Maharaj's dropping his body.

Godavri Mai is a jewel. Today, she is enthroned on Maharaj's gaadi [seat]. She is loved and respected by thousands in India. What was the necessity for Godavri Mai to invite me to Sakori, to revere me, when Maharaj had done otherwise? She is already famous, she had thousands of devotees, and she was the occupier of Maharaj's gaadi. In spite of that, she changed the atmosphere for me in Sakori. I again repeat that Godavri Mai is my Yashoda — my mother.

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