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The next day Baba told the mandali to pack everything in trunks, except their necessary clothing, bedding and a few indispensable items, and then take them to Khushru Quarters to be stored until they returned. Khushru Quarters was about half a mile away from the dharamshala, and all the mandali, who were dressed in good clothes, labored like common coolies as they walked through the city carrying the trunks on their heads and backs. Pedestrians on the road stared at them in surprise, wondering who these men were. Some passersby sneered at them, but the men had to trudge on, finally depositing their heavy loads in Khushru Quarters, and then returning to the dharamshala.

There had been exchanges of bitter words and criticism toward Meher Baba by certain Zoroastrians. Gulmai felt disheartened by Baba's departure from her house due to the hostile and disrespectful attitude of her relatives. She felt disappointed because she had invited the Master to set up his headquarters on her husband's property at Arangaon. Like Shireenmai, Gulmai was destined to play a certain role. Who can measure the pain behind a mother's sorrow?

Khansaheb was moved by his wife's devotion and hastened to the dharamshala to try to correct the situation and appease Baba's feelings. He pleaded, "On behalf of my family, I beg your forgiveness, Baba. Accept my prayer to remain in Arangaon. Gulmai is beside herself with grief over what has happened."

Baba answered, "A Fakir has no home and at the same time he has everything. He only stays in one particular place for certain reasons. I do not wish to create differences or divide your family by staying in Arangaon."

Khansaheb earnestly pleaded with him to reconsider, and finally Baba agreed to return. So after a three-day stay in the dharamshala, the men, led by Baba, walked back to Arangaon on Sunday, 13 May, and stayed again in the deserted Post Office building.

Gulmai's sister Soonamasi Irani, her husband Kaikhushru Masa, and their daughter Khorshed had come from Bombay to attend Rustom's wedding. On one occasion, Baba advised Soonamasi and Khorshed to stay in Ahmednagar so they could regularly come for his darshan at Arangaon. Pilamai was staying, too, and she also went to Arangaon for Baba's darshan daily. On one occasion he told her, "Gulmai is my spiritual mother, but remember you are my spiritual sister, so you should stay in close contact with me."

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