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One of Rustom's aunts, Pilamai Irani, had come from Karachi for the wedding. After meeting Baba at Sakori two years before, she was consumed in the fire of his divine love and became his devotee. During this occasion, Pilamai told Baba that she was ready to surrender her life to him and wanted to stay with him, but he persuaded her to return to Karachi. She reluctantly agreed on the condition that he visit her there, which he promised. The result of this, and the natural way in which the Master accomplished his work, was to gradually unfold. On the surface, it looked as if Pilamai invited Baba to grace her house; but the Master alone knows the secret way in which he reveals his intentions. Those who were continuously with Meher Baba had some understanding of how he manipulated events, making them seem quite natural. And occasionally the mandali would fathom the hidden meaning behind the outward expressions of his work and statements.

A dispute again arose among some of Gulmai's relatives over Khansaheb's property. Some warned that Meher Baba would usurp Khansaheb's land in Arangaon if immediate steps were not taken to prevent this. Baba came to know of the heated quarrel, and vacated Sarosh Manzil on Friday morning, 11 May 1923. This time Baba proceeded directly to the railway station but then turned onto a dirt road. After passing the Sina River, he stopped at a deserted graveyard, where he gathered the mandali around him and said that they would reside there. It was an odd choice, but the mandali agreed. But Baba soon left and started walking toward the local dharamshala — a rest house run by the municipality. He decided to stay there until a suitable accommodation could be located. Later, Baba remarked that he had definitely decided not to remain in Ahmednagar or Arangaon any longer.

The mandali were hungry; vegetables were purchased and cooked in the dharamshala, and all ate them for dinner with bread from a bakery. Baba's prolonged fast, which he had begun in Manzil-e-Meem, continued throughout this period. After the meal, Behramji went to Arangaon and brought all their luggage by bullock cart along with firewood to be used for cooking. Gustadji and Behramji were under Baba's order to eat only one meal a day at 11:00 A.M. and to drink water only between the hours of 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. Soon after, Ghani left Ahmednagar by train, as Baba instructed him to stay in Bombay until he was called.

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